Ms. Charity A. Dzormeku (Director of Finance) 

The Finance Directorate is a core function of the University of Health and Allied Sciences. Its core mandate includes the following:

  • To assess, monitor, plan and manage the efficient utilization of cash and financial service in a manner consistent with the Acts regulating public funds in the country, the objectives and within the regulatory framework of the University
  • To account for and manage the accounting and financial records in accordance with national and international financial reporting standards
  • To provide support for the academic mandate of the University such as financial reports and financial sustainability reports for accreditation of academic programmes.

The Directorate has produced financial reports for the years 2012,2013,2014 and 2015.

The first three years of the accounts have been audited and the audit reports are available. However, the account of the year 2015 is yet to be audited. Messrs KPMG is the External Auditor of the University accounts. They were appointed on behalf of the University by the Auditor General.


FCCA(UK), MBA(Ghana), BSc. (Ghana)



Name Qualification Designation
Mr. George Mensah Tornyigah 

ICA(Ghana), MBA(Ghana), BSc.(Ghana),

Dip. In Economics( UK), Dip in Cost Accounting (UK)

Head of Payroll 
Mr. Gregory Asan-Ani Amikiya  ICA (Ghana), MBA(Ghana), BA(Ghana)  Head of Treasury 
Mr. Daniel Susuawu  ICA (Ghana), MBA(Ghana), BSc.(Ghana), HND(Ghana)  Budget Officer 
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