Dr. William Vidogah (Director of Works & Physical Development) 

The Works and Physical Development Directorate's main activity is the strategic planning, development, alteration and operation of the Physical Estate and Buildings and their services to support the academic activities of the University. The Directorate is to perform various professional services on behalf of the University and may undertake such service as the case may be for the clients (University community) within the standards, guidelines and the interest of the University upon approval.

The Directorate is a technically advanced, service-oriented infrastructure development outfit that pursues the goal of collective excellence through personal and collaborative efforts with other University Departments.





Focus of the Directorate 

The infrastructural development of a new institution such as this is substantial and a significant criteria to create the physical environment for learning and teaching. The Directorate's effort will focus on actions needed to

  1. address the infrastructure deficit in student accommodation, staff accommodation, teaching facilities, staff offices.
  2. provide basic equipment to improve the support for academic activities
  3. support effectively the extension of Vocational Training facilities in the districts to expand available placements for students to support the Vocational Training Programme.
  4. complete registration as a consultancy to generate funds to support the directorate and motivate staff.


Departments within the Directorate and their Core Mandates. The Directorate consists of FOUR main units:


Physical Development

The Unit is responsible for:

  • Planning, designing, and development of the University infrastructural facilities and services.
  • Monitoring work program to attain completion of work on scheduled time.
  • Analyzing and certifying work valuation prepared by consultants for payment.
  • Processing of certificates for payment.
  • Generating reports on progres s of work and payment trends.
  • Keeping record of consultants' presence on site.
  • Maintaining facilities and services for effective and efficient operations of the University.
  • Developing and updating of the University Physical masterplan.


Estate and Buildings 

The Estates and Buildings Unit is responsible for all post occupancy services for all the University's acquired as well as rented properties. The Unit is composed of the Estates and Maintenance Divisions. The Maintenance Division is responsible for all minor maintenance works required to maintain all university facilities. The division now has two (2) Maintenance Officers for the two main campuses and a total number of ten (10) artisans.



The Security Unit is responsible for maintaining general law and order within and around all University's premises. The Unit is also to ensure that the entire University Community teach, learn and execute their tasks in a free environment without a feeling of insecurity. The Unit has staff strength of sixty-four (64) personnel to cover sites in Ho and Hohoe.




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