SEPTEMBER 16-22, 2013

  • Section 8.20: Supplementary Examinations of the University, ‘Requirements and Regulations for the University’s Bachelor Degrees’ states as follows: “A student who fails to obtain a minimum mark of fifty per cent (50%) or grade point average of 1.0 in any course fails that course and shall be required by  the Examiners Board to re-write the examination in the  failed course at a   Supplementary Examination to be held in the Long Vacation”.
  • In accordance with that Regulation, I write to announce that Supplementary Examinations will be conducted for all students who failed in not more than four (4) courses in the 2012/2013 End of Semester Examinations.
  • The Examinations shall be conducted from Monday, September 16 to Sunday, September 22, 2013.
  • Candidates are required to pay a fee of GH¢30.00 per course and register for the Examinations.
  • Upon payment of fees, candidates are to submit their receipts to the Assistant Registrar in the Office of the Dean of School of Basic and Biomedical Sciences who will direct them on the next step of registration.
  • Details of the Examination Time Table shall be communicated to students in due course. 
  • Students are reminded that “A student shall proceed to the next Level of the programme if and only if he/she has passed all the core courses and prescribed electives in all examinations of the preceding Level (Section 8.20.15).
  • They are further reminded that there shall be no probation (Section 8.20.16).
  • Students who have to write Supplementary Examinations are urged to see their Deans.


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