1. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the President of JCRs or Halls or Blocks, the Executive Officers, as provided for in article 16, the Chairperson of the Women’s Commission, the President of the GRASAG University of Health and Allied Sciences branch, a permanent representative from each Faculty, School and college represented in the General Assembly and the Legal Advisor to the SRC.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, the representative of schools, Faculties and Colleges at the General Assembly shall not be eligible to serve on the Executive Committee.

(2) The other members of the Executive Committee shall assist and counsel the Executive Officers in the performance of their duties and with the Executive Officers, see to the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly.


(3) The quorum for Executive Committee meetings shall be nine (9) Executive Committee members including the President or his Vice President.


(4) The Executive Committee shall in the exercise of its functions, have the power to issue Executive Instrument in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution concerning the activities of the SRC.



  1. The Executive committee shall in times of emergency, have powers to act promptly without prejudice to any provision of this constitution provided that the General Assembly shall where this university is on vacation within one week of re-opening or within three days where this university is session at an emergency session of the general assembly be informed of the use of such emergency powers.
  2. The General Assembly shall, upon receiving the said facts and circumstances pertaining to the said emergency review the decision and make appropriate resolution for the continuance or otherwise of the said emergency action.

(6) The Executive Committee shall formulate policies of the SRC and refer same to the General Assembly for consideration. No policy so formulated shall be valid without the approval of the General Assembly.

(7) The SRC secretary shall inform the Clerk of the General Assembly of all such policies and of the agenda for General Assembly meetings.

(8) The Executive Committee member(s) before assuming office shall take and subscribe, either at a public gathering, at the first general meeting or any other general meetings of the General Assembly Executive Committee oath set out in the fourth schedule to this Constitution.

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