There shall be four Executive Officers to wit, the President, Secretary and Treasurer, elected under the SRC Constitution,and the Vice President.

The President

  1. The President shall be the Chief spokesman of all students in this University.
  2. The authority of the President shall extend to the execution and maintenance of all provisions of the SRC.
  3. The President shall represent the undergraduates at the University Council Board. In situations when the President is a graduate student, a representative to the University Council shall be appointed by the General Assembly, but where impossible, shall be appointed by the Executive Committee, provided that such appointee is an undergraduate student.
  4. The President shall give final authorization to any financial disbursement approved by the Executive Committee.
  5. The President shall direct, for all intents and purposes, in a disciplined manner, the day to day affairs of the SRC.
  6. The SRC President shall represent the SRC in any court in which proceedings against or on behalf of the SRC are heard.

The Vice President

  1. There shall be a Vice President of the SRC who shall perform such functions as provided for in clause (3) of this article.
  2. The Vice President shall perform duties and functions which shall include-
    • Assisting the President in the performance of his duties;
    • Acting in the absence of the President and when so acting, shall be vested with all the powers of the President,
    • subject to the provisions of this Constitution
    • Acting as an ex-officio member of all committees or commissions of the General Assembly and shall coordinate the activities of such committees or commissions provided for in this Constitution, and or under a resolution of the General Assembly.
    • Performing any other duties assigned by the President Executive Committee.
    • The Vice President shall, on the assumption of office, subscribe before the general student body, at a public gathering Presidential oath set out in the First Schedule to this Constitution.

The Secetary

  1. There shall be a Secretary who shall be the Secretary to the Executive Committee.
  2. The Secretary shall perform duties and functions which include-
    • Keeping and maintaining true and accurate minute’s records of all proceedings of the Executive Committee meetings;
    • Responsible for all correspondence of the SRC, with the exception of the correspondence of the General Assembly.
    • Communicating to the general student body, at least once every month when school is in session, the current state of affairs with respect to business pertaining to the SRC particularly and to student welfare in General.
    • The performance of other duties assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.

The Treasurer

  1. There shall be a Treasurer who shall perform duties and functions which shall include-
    • The receipt of all moneys and revenues accruing to the SRC or committees commissions of the SRC, and the disbursement of such moneys as the Executive Committee shall direct, subject to the approval of the General Assembly;
    • Carrying out, under the supervision of the President, all financial transactions of the SRC in accordance with the provisions of this constitution;
    • Keeping and maintaining proper records of accounts of all moneys, revenues and assets to which the SRC is entitled;
    • Be one of the signatories to vouchers and requests made for funds on behalf of the SRC;
    • Performing other duties assigned to him by the President or the Executive Committee.



Divine Kporha


Baba Abdul Hakim

Vice President

Gidigasu Israel


Atiebo Reuben Abugri


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