The School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) consists of the following Departments:

  1. Department of Medical Laboratory  Sciences
  2. Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. Department of Radiologic Sciences
  4. Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
  5. Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
  6. Department of Health Administration

The School currently runs Bachelor Degrees programmes in Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Physiotherapy Sciences and Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy Sciences.

The School aims at:

  1. Providing an environment in which students develop and attain clinical competence and skills, and develop integrity, ethical relationships and emphatic attitudes that contribute to the welfare and well-being of patients
  2. Helping students to develop a set of scientific knowledge and attitudes that promote intra- and inter-professional understanding and cooperation
  3. Encouraging students to develop the habit of self-education that will foster a life-long practice of continuing self-professional development and growth
  4. Engendering and nurturing in each student respect for his/her chosen profession and the desire to serve as needed in hospitals according to professional standards

The University Required Courses and Basic Science Courses for all Level 100 and 200 students of the School are run by School of Basic and Biomedical Sciences, while introductory courses are taught in the School of Allied Health Sciences. 

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