1. BSc Dietetics

The programme is intended to produce Dietitians who will be competent to practice as part of the healthcare team or independently within the legal and ethical frameworks of the dietetic profession and also fulfill their professional obligation to the public by using appropriate clinical reasoning and problem solving skills based on sound scientific and clinical evidence. The programme is tailored to inculcate in the student a strong community orientation and competency in working in the broad food service industry as food service managers. There are sub-interests in the profession, including: The Clinical Dietitian, who works in the hospital setting, applies the science of nutrition to the care of people through health promotion and disease prevention, and treatment of illnesses by modification in the diet. He/she must as a result, be knowledgeable in how socio-cultural and economic factors as well as psychological and sensory factors affect what individuals choose to eat. The Clinical Dietician assesses the client using various methods, arrives at a nutrition diagnosis based on outcome of assessment, implements the appropriate intervention based on scientific evidence, then finally evaluates and monitors treatment outcome.





2. BSc Medical Laboratory Science

The programme aim is to produce a competent and professional Medical Laboratory Scientist who guides education, develops technical expertise as well as administrative competence, promotes quality patient care, advocates for the profession, engages in research and scholarly activities, and inspires service and able to adapt to rapid changes in the field while maintaining an optimal level of performance.










3. BSc Speech and Language Therapy

The programme starts with general knowledge to provide students with a foundation in the natural and applied sciences, social sciences, mathematics, and the tools of language and thought. In the professional years, which begin from year 3, emphasis is placed on theoretical courses that provide the scientific knowledge base and clinical practice at the Teaching Hospital and affiliated hospitals. Supervised clinical experience provides opportunities for building proficiency in skills in a variety of settings and at different times during the programme. There is a mandatory 8-week vocational programme each third trimester (during the long vacation). Students will work in Speech and Language Therapy Clinics under the supervision of therapists to develop skills and independence and practicalise theoretical knowledge obtained in the lecture rooms. They will develop first-hand experience of actual practice and write a personal portfolio of their experiences, which will be graded. During the final year, each student undertakes a research project and writes a dissertation on that project for assessment as a requirement for graduation.



4. BSc Physiotherapy

This is a field for students who are interested in medical science and enjoy working with people. The Physiotherapist seeks to prevent injury, impairments, functional limitations, and disability, and also to maintain and promote fitness, health, and quality of life. S/he evaluates and treats patients with disease, injury, or disabilities. Physiotherapy techniques are applied to restore strength, flexibility, and coordination of muscles and joints, to reduce pain, and generally to prepare the patient to function more effectively at work and in activities of daily living. Heat, light, electricity, water exercise, and massage are used. While working with patients, psychological and social principles are used to motivate and instruct. The physiotherapist trains patients in exercises and activities of normal daily living, conducts treatments using special equipment, performs tests, evaluations and complex treatment procedures and observe and report on patient’s responses. S/he is a key member of a team, which includes medical and other allied health professionals, for rehabilitation of disabled patients to achieve optimum functional restoration.



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