The School of Public Health (SPH) is located on the Hohoe Campus, using as incubating facilities the former Onchocerciasis Chemotherapy Research Centre (OCRC), Hohoe Municipal Hospital.  

SPH is designed to provide innovation and vision to education and training that will transform the health of Ghanaians. It is expected to produce learners who are ‘health systems’ ready, service and research oriented and dedicated to attain universal health coverage for Ghanaians.

The SPH is currently organized into four departments:

  1. Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  2. Department of Family and Community Health.
  3. Department of Health Policy, Planning and Management.
  4. Department of Population and Behavioural Sciences.

Together, the four Departments run programmes leading to the award of Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) degrees with various tracks (options) in:

  • Disease Control
  • Health Information
  • Environmental Health
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Health Promotion 

Each Department is dedicated to providing leadership to achieve the highest standards of education and research, for our undergraduate students. The Departments are also mandated to train both scholars and practitioners: scholars whose research will shed light on basic social determinants of health and who will identify and test innovative social policy and service interventions; practitioners who are skilled in designing, implementing, and evaluating health-enhancing interventions in action settings.

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